Mercy Centre Groups

Come along to one of our groups…

A.A 10:00am
N.A 01:00pm
ALANON 07:30pm
N.A 07:30pm

C.A.C 07:00pm
Italian Prayer Group 07:00pm
NA PI Meeting 06:00pm

A.A 10:00am
ALANON 10:00am
N.A 01:00pm
N.A 06:30pm
Vespers 07.30pm

A.A 10:00am
ALANON 07:30pm
Mercy Associates 07.30pm
A.A Inter Group 07:30pm

N.A 07:30pm
A.A 08:00pm

N.A 04:00pm
D.D. Group 06:00pm

Legion 02:00pm

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